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What is MOSE?

MOSE is a Mobile Offer Search Engine that allows the users to discover new local businesses with discounts, deals, or special offers! We are the first mobile search App that strictly focuses on the hunt for savings and fun freebies!

What types of businesses are listed MOSE?

All types of businesses are listed MOSE! It has a wide spectrum ranging from restaurants, babysitters, markets, doctors, lawyers, baby sitters, pet stores, real estate agents, coffee shops, manufacturing companies and a whole lot more! Download it and check out all the categories available!

What makes MOSE different from all other "Big Name" deal apps in the market?

There are lots of advantages MOSE offers over all other "Big Name" deal apps in the market, check out the differences below:

      Advantages         Coupon Mailers Yelp Groupon,
Living Social
Coupons Coupons
Audience Reach Local (preset distance radius) Unlimited reach Unlimited reach Unlimited reach
Setup Cost Approx. $200 - $500 monthly Approx $75- $150 monthly Approx. 50% sale price as marketing fees $99 One-time lifetime setup charge
Commission Approx. 30% of sale price Approx. 10% performance bonus if product sold within a certain time period No commission
Required Coupon Discounts Requires approx. minimum 50% off face value of coupon listing Requires approx. minimum 50% off face value of coupon listing Owner controls coupon discount
Mobile Platform Mobile platform available Mobile platform available Mobile platform available
Cost - Pay Per Click (View) Approx. $1.50 - $2.00 per click only when viewed Not available $0.10 - $0.01 per click only when viewed
For Online Businesses Limited online business Usage Effective for all online businesses
Additional Social Media Support MOSE Facebook,Instagram, Twitter,Youtube, etc.
Customer Loyalty Campaign Customer-focused loyalty campaign
Real Time Content Posting All updates done in real-time instantly
Emails and Privacy Protection Voluntary user
e-mail submission and NO LOGIN required for users
Total Business Owner Control Yes! 100%

Do I need an e-mail address or social media account to use MOSE?

Not at all! MOSE will always be LOGIN FREE! Due to user privacy concerns, we have designed MOSE to be extremely user friendly, safe, and best of all, it will never require users any login info. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION such as e-mails, telephone numbers, credit cards, social media accounts and any other personal info will ever be required to use MOSE!

If I like a deal listed on MOSE, do I need to submit my credit card information to purchase?

Never! Again, due to our high regard in user privacy concerns, all the deals you see listed on MOSE can be redeemed at the participating business locations and/or their websites and no credit card infrmation will ever be required by MOSE to redeem these deals. All purchases are made directly between consumers and the businesses.

What happens if the business listed on MOSE does not honor the deals or offers they have posted?

MOSE was designed to be the bridge between consumers and businesses. All businesses listed on MOSE understand that it is their sole responsibility to honor any/all deals that they posted on MOSE. Should there be an issue when redeeming any deals and offers, MOSE will not be liable and the consumer will need to address the issue directly with the business owner of the listed deal.

Will MOSE ever reimburse me if I don't receive my deal or offer?

NO. MOSE is only a search engine helping the public locate great deals and offers around their neighborhood. MOSE is not financially responsible for any and all of the listings posted by the participating businesses. Please contact the business in question if you are having a tough time redeeming the listed deals. (You could however report to MOSE if a business is reluctant in honoring their deals, we can try to discuss the issue with them individually but there will not be any guarantees that the business will honor the deals/offers after the discussion.)

What are the highlights that places MOSE above all other search platforms?

  • Search for businesses specifically by deals and offers posted by the participating local businesses.

  • Search by $ OFF, % OFF or FREEBIES! No other search platform offer search options this simple and unique that you're even getting FREE products or services!

  • Mystery Winners! Love to win prizes? All you have to do is browse through businesses on MOSE and see what deals are being offered! And if you are lucky, you may just be a mystery winner to these businesses! (Redeem the Pop-Up prizes at the participating businesses!)

  • B2B access! Always wondering how you can connect with manufacturers for all your business needs? Our participating businesses include various OEMs who can help you and your businesses to become even more successful.

  • Highest consideration on your privacy! No personal information will ever be required to use the MOSE App! No e-mails, No phone numbers, No social media accounts, No credit cards, No information, NONE!

Which platforms is MOSE currently made available for?

MOSE is currently available on the App Store (iOS) and also on Google Play (Android). We will notify the general public if we decide to expand to other platforms as soon as they become available.

Is MOSE available on PC or Mac?

NO. MOSE was strictly designed to be a mobile app and it is created to be your "On The Go" platform. With that said, MOSE is not available on PC or Mac at the moment. Please download MOSE for more information or click here: DOWNLOAD

I have a business and would like to be listed on MOSE, who do I contact to get it listed?

You can reach us via e-mail listed on our contact page. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

How do I redeem coupons and mystery winner prizes?

Please follow the instructions listed on MOSE in order to redeem your coupon or prize at the participating businesses. Failure to follow the listed redeeming instructions could lead to forfeiture of these deals, offers, or prizes. (Based upon business discretion.)

I love MOSE and it's mission, are you hiring?

MOSE is always looking for great people to join our team. Interested candidates, please submit your resume to
and we will notify you as soon as a position becomes available.

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